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This Mesh Head (MH) is one of the highest quality MH designs being sold on the market. Comes in 4 shades (all shades can be found in Moons shop)

What this head isn't? An uncanny valley, straight up unedited copy & paste face from a photo. Not just anyone can make a MH this great and there's a reason why there's only a small hand of creators on the IMVU platform that can make them exceptionally. This head was designed to align with the features of the face to match up with the Kloudusts NISHMA head. Bring your IMVU avatar to the next level of quality and beauty, not offered anywhere else.

Only those who know and understand the true value of what's being offered will understand the reason why these files are priced at such a premium price.  

Reminder you cannot set yours as derivable

Try on:  Click Here

Opacity maps: Yes 

Head it fits on by Kloudust: Nishma

Derivation Requirement?: Yes
(See our FAQ on what this means)

File Type: .PNG & .TGA

Software Requirements: Any art software

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