No. You may NOT set items to derivable, unless otherwise stated on the products -READ ME- file. Doing so otherwise will subject you to DMCA takedown.

Multiple offences can result in the termination of your license holding account on IMVU and on the website.

REMEMBER: Your actions to other people at risk to lose their accounts when you set your products as derivable. We do DMCA unprohibited derives.

⁃  If the product information page that says, " Derivation Requirement?: Yes " ⁃

⁃ This means the file will require you to derive from an IMVU link. The link will be provided to you in the "READ ME" file of your download. This does NOT mean that you can set your product as derivable.

If you cannot agree to the derivation terms do not purchase the file.

No. It's against IMVUS TOS.

Sorry about that! We had to make new ones.
Please use these new product links:

⁃ Skin Derive Link

⁃ Eye Derive Link

No. Even if you edit them you still may not share/ sell/ give the files to anyone or use them on any other platform other than IMVU.

Using the files on another platform will subject you to DMCA takedown.


If you have changed your IMVU username on a licensed account please contact us.


- You may not transfer license rights to another account

Short answer: No

Long answer
: Each file is considered ONE license purchase for ONE account. If you wish to use a license on your alternate account you must register it by making its own separate account on the website. You cannot use bought files from your main account and use them on the other. The alternate account will need to purchase the files separately as its own individual.

If you are found using files on an unregistered account you will be DMCA'ed and your shopprey account and licenses possibly Disabled.

Unfortunately, we no longer offer discounts for alt accounts.

All previous files bought on the previous website, are grandfathered in with the old rules.
However, If you are buying any files from this site (even if some of the files from the old website are on this one), the new rules & TOS will apply.


Short Answer: No

There is no way for the customer to truly return the Digital item. So due to the nature of digital goods, refunds cannot be offered.

Lost Files: All products allow a minimum of 3 downloads in case you lose your textures. If you lose them any more than that you will not be resent a download link nor refunded. So please make sure you are backing up your files.

Bought Wrong File: Due to the nature of digital goods we do not offer refunds/reimbursement even if you bought the incorrect file. That's why its important to always read the product information before purchase. If you are ever confused you are welcome to contact the website.