Female BodyShaper
Female BodyShaper
Female BodyShaper
Female BodyShaper

Female BodyShaper

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Introducing the BodyShaper Kit

Introducing the Bodyshaper Kit for IMVU creators, a revolutionary tool that simplifies and streamlines the body shape and clothing design process. With its user-friendly interface, dynamic sliders, and time-saving features, the Bodyshaper Kit allows creators to achieve their vision quickly and efficiently, transforming the IMVU design experience.

+ Includes 3 FREE Base Outfits designed in Marvelous Designer.

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By Using/Downloading this file you agree & sign its' license: CLICK HERE

Download only from ShopPrey.com, Do not Distribute and OR Resell.


Read our Terms of Service agreement Click Here

Yes! This kit is designed to enable you to create your own unique body shapes
quickly. However, please know you MUST ALWAYS derive from Sweetener
on IMVU derivables when uploading your body shapes.

ALLOWED: You derive from an empty derivable given by Sweetener
> You set your product as derivable > someone else derives from your product.

NOT ALLOWED: Deriving from another creator or product with no connection
to the Sweetener (on IMVU) derivable(s).

Derive Chains: Derive chains are fine, as long as it always links back
to a Sweetener derivable in the deriviation tree.

If the initial product/item is not derived from an empty derivable supplied by
Sweetener (on IMVU), this will constitute a violation of the Terms of Service
(TOS). Such a breach may result in a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
takedown. Based on the severity of the infringement, Shopprey reserves the
right to revoke your license key (without refunds), prohibit any further use of
Shopprey products, and, if warranted, pursue legal remedies to the fullest
extent permissible under the law.

Unlike other products, this kit has involved a lengthy development process with
external companies. Your initial purchase helps cover the product's development

Additionally, the royalties from the empty derivable support our
developers in maintaining and updating the kit regularly and giving you access
to more features in the upcoming future.

No: distributing the kit you purchased to friends, colleagues, or anyone else will result in breaching your TOS agreement. Remember you are purchasing an individual license for your own personal use.

UNLESS: all collaborators purchased the Bodyshaper Kit with their own unique license key and account. Then you may share the body shape .FBX and collaborate (this includes outsourcing hired help to create clothing meshes or rig your clothing to your bodyshape).

No, reselling the Kit or any of its components (including just the body itself) is prohibited,
and goes against the TOS.

You can only use the Kit to create derivables for IMVU when deriving from Sweetener Derivables.
(links provided in TOS, FAQ, and Product Page).

No: this file is not intended for manipulation in that way.

Any alteration of the bodymesh's topology constitutes a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS).

Do not rename or modify objects in the Shaper scene. Instead, use the sliders and other features provided in the BodyShaper panel to adjust the model as needed.

No, the primary purpose of this kit is to use the provided body shape by Sweetener, allowing you to modify specific areas of the body we have provided.

Yes: you may tweak the UV maps. Specifically on the layered meshes, if desired.
However, please note that you are responsible for the quality of the products when imported into IMVU, and making sure your Bodymesh meets the IMVU TOS requirements.

Yes: You may add your own as an addition.
Do not remove/ edit/ block out the watermark we put inside the body.

Upon purchasing the Kit, unique keys are sent to the email associated with your ShopPrey.com account. Ensure that you have access to this email account and save the email containing the keys. If you lose your key, contact us at contact.shopprey@gmail.com with a copy of your invoice, and we will guide you through the next steps.

If you encounter any technical issues, please contact us at contact.shopprey@gmail.com, with details to how you encountered the issue, what you tried to do to fix it, and any screenshots that may help show us your problem (not links) especially if you encounter any pop-up messages, and we will investigate further.

Every License is linked to a single creator catalog ID (CID).

For secondary accounts you need a new License. Secondary accounts/ Alt accounts must be registered on Shopprey and purchase the Bodyshaper license.

You may not share one license across multipole accounts.

Refunds are not accepted even if your license is deactivated.