Account Denied?

Was your account denied on Shopprey? There are a few reasons this may happen and most of them have a very simple solution!

Most often than not, the reason is:

1 · Oops! You did not fill out your form properly!

You need to ensure your Avatar name, catalog link, etc, is correct information and there are no typos, excessively long links, etc.

Also you cannot use the same email address for different accounts.

Your avatar name should contain no spaces or special characters and your URL should be something like this: unique user ID goes here).

Your unique user ID can be located at any time in your IMVU account settings (click here) simply copy the member number provided in your avatar card and put it at the end of the manufacturers ID mentioned above. This link is unique to you and is the official link to your store.

If the link you provided is not the correct one your request will be rejected and you will have to repeat the signup process.

2 · You already made an account with us with those credentials.

Please recover your account, head to the login page and follow the instructions! You will need to know the email you signed up with. You should only make a new account if you are a new customer or you are registering another catalog that you have never bought for. One account per catalog ID.

3 · Your account and/or catalog is simply too new, has too few products or none at all.

If you are a new customer you will be denied access if your account is less than 6 months old and  / or your catalog has a very tiny amount of products (or none).

This is purely a security measure in place to protect our stock and ensure (within reason) that all creators that access our website have experience and a good base knowledge of IMVU, creating and the Virtual Guidelines Policy.

You are more than welcome to apply with us again when you meet this basic criteria.

[Note] This does not include those that already have an account with us and are attempting to register an alt account. Please contact us if this is the case, or the account will be denied as a new customer.

4 · You have the tendency to set almost everything as derivable, as a general habit... Particularly hairs / baby-hair. Or you are a mesher

We do not sell products that are allowed to set as derivable! If we see you doing it to others with similar licensing terms as ours, its a red flag. None of our stock is licensed for it apart from our body and face shaper kits (which have their own TOS and license agreement.)

If, upon review, we find that you are a creator that just tends to set items to derivable as a habit... we will automatically deny you an account simply because you pose too high a risk to breaking our licensing, even if by mistake.

Hence why we will not allow you access.

5 · You are intentionally or unintentionally breaking IMVU's TOS and submitting content that is either mis-rated or UFI (unfit for Imvu).

All our customers are expected to have a TOS compliant catalog, you will be denied access if this is not the case.

You may have excessive trademark infringements (brands) in your catalog, nude items rated as GA, copyrighted music, etc.

If our team finds a lot of products such as these, we will reject your application. Why? Because, if you do not respect IMVU's TOS or guidelines policy we cannot expect you to follow Shopprey's licensing terms, it is that simple. We are again, protecting our interests and copyrights.

Note that IMVU can disable any account at any time for not being compliant to their TOS.

6 · This is embarrassing, but you were found to be using copyright infringing material within your catalog and/or found to have stolen assets from other creators and/or breaking licensing agreements with us or from other file-sellers.

It should not need to be said, but we will not welcome nor provide service to those who have been found to be using stolen assets or breaking copyright law. Digital asset theft is a crime just like any act of theft. This is one of the only reasons that a creator can be permanently banned from our store.

If you think this decision was made in error or, after reading the above, you do not know why your account was denied, you can file for a manual review if you wish!

Simply head to the contact form and request a review. Please take into account that this does not mean you will be approved.

Manual reviews may take a while to be looked at, we appreciate your patience.