BodyShaper 2.0 Feature page

This Body Kit is designed to be used for creating base body meshes and add-on clothing to sell on IMVU stores ONLY.

• All models and 3D work created & exported from this file must derive from Sweeteners' exclusive empty derivable products.

The tutorials below should be compatible and relevant to BOTH male and female kits.



IMPORTANT: Before commencing, please backup your original .blend files, so that you have your old file to transfer your clothing models, and or other slider values to reference into the new .blend file.

If, you receive an email titled "Update available for 'BodyShaper Product'", follow these instructions to avoid loss of activation key:

Step 1.
Initiate Update:
Open the related product's Blender file. Navigate to preferences Window and click on Add-ons.

Step 2.
Locate Add-On:
Find the name of the Add-On in the list, by searching for BodyShaper. Then, Click on the arrow next to the tick box to reveal the menu.

Step 3.
Deactivate License Key:
First, ensure to deactivate the License Key. If you own both genders, remember to deactivate the keys for both. After confirming that all keys are deactivated, you may then proceed to 'Remove' the Add-On.

Step 4.
Delete Old Add-On Zip file:
Lastly, to avoid any confusion, we recommend to delete the "" file that you used to initially download the Add-On, as you will receive a new Zip file to install the latest version in Blender.

NOTE: Skipping the key deactivation step could result in loss of the key. Be sure to follow this step properly.

Step 5.
Install New BodyShaper:
With the Add-On properly deactivated and removed, proceed to download the new Zip file attached in the email you received. You can then reinstall the Add-On, by following the steps detailed in the first video on this page.

If you get stuck, please contact us for support. We strive to minimize the need for such manual updates, focusing instead on automatic updates via the Shaper panel. However, at times, updates require modifications to the .blend file itself.